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एक कामयाब किसान की कहानी | शिमला मिर्च बेचकर कमाए करोड़ों रुपये

UP City News | Mar 23, 2021 04:53 PM IST

This video is all about learning farming techniques. We bought the story of a farmer who wrote his success story with his will power and dedication. He earn crores from Capsicum Farm and also today he formed his company and sell Lazer Leveler to farmers. farmers earning becomes double with help of this machine. In every step of the government helping farmers. The name of this farmer is Pramod Tyagi. Pramod Tyagi is earning crores every year from agriculture and farming. With this, Pramod is one of the few farmers in the country whose first tractor arrived at home 50 years ago. Today Pramod has formed his own company and he is working for the supply of Lazer Levelers across the country. Pramod is also selling fertilizer made in a special way in the market. This manure has been prepared with the help of parali. We often hear news about the pollution after the burning of parali, but he has solved the problem by making manure from the parali. In Pramod farms, you can see farming of broccoli, farming of capsicum, etc. This is all you can see in poly house farming. He did this all with the help of Govt. initiatives and subsidies for farmers.